Patient Testimonials

I had heaviness and pain for a long time (at least 10 years). Then I heard about the VNUS closure procedure through my doctor's office. I decided to give it a try.

The procedure itself took about an hour including the prep. I had minimal discomfort from the injections. I took it easy for about two days and then I was back to my normal activity. Since the procedure I've noticed that I can stay on my feet longer when shopping, cleaning and walking. I don't have to rest as often as I had to before. It gets better every day. I am having my other leg done now that I know the procedure works.

Caroline, 65 Retired

My legs ached. I couldn't stand very long. A walk was out of the question. I didn't seek out any other treatments. I hear about the closure procedure and wanted to give it a try. I needed to be able to walk and do some basic exercises. My leg pain kept me up at night or I would wake up in the middle of the night.  I wasn't able to walk around and monitor the kids. I needed my legs working in order to teach everyday.

I had a great experience, everything was explained very well and when I felt pain I was given meds. After the procedure I felt relief in my left leg right away and in my right leg it took a few weeks (probably because it was worse than the left).

My life has changed so much. My blood pressure is lower, I can take walks and stand for about 30 minutes without any pain.

Patricia, 53 Teacher

Before getting the procedure my legs were swollen and my buttocks had a lot of numbness and tingling. My pain was worse at night. I had many sleepless nights and swelling in the left leg for about two year and it slowly got worse.

Prior to getting the procedure I wore support stockings, but other than that I didn't have any other treatment. My Cardiologist sent me to see Dr. Abbas and he told me about the closure procedure. After hearing about it I thought, YES, YES, YES, sign me up! I am so glad I did it.

The procedure took about an hour and a half. I was fully awake and it hurt a little at times, but I was so grateful that at last I was getting help for a condition that had plagued me for decades.

I was able to return to my normal routine the next day. Now when I run my hand up and down y left leg it's not gnarled and bumpy. My varicose veins are GONE! Dr. Abbas is a kind, competent, considerate of the patient, thorough doctor…I trust him completely. Thank you so much Dr. Abbas!

Helen, 78 Retired

I had swelling in my feet, large veins and discomfort in my legs. I hadn't done anything in the past to treat my symptoms. My doctor sent me to Comprehensive Vein Center to prevent any more suffering and said they could help me to be comfortable again. When I had the closure procedure everything was explained to me beforehand and I didn't have any discomfort. Once the procedure was done I felt immediate relief. Since then I no longer have any swelling in my feet.

Janet, 77 Retired

Around 1989 the "ugliness" started to appear, just spider veins. I became pregnant in July of '89 and the thicker veins started to appear about two months after I delivered. I would get injections and the injections did not improve my veins as much as I expected, I was told I should have surgery and I decided not to. Years later I choose the VNUS Closure because Dr. Abbas met with me and explained this procedure thoroughly. He was so friendly and made me feel so at ease and hopeful! The whole staff was so nice and wonderful.

During the procedure I felt absolutely no pain! Even the nurse that injected the numbing "stuff" was terrific. I've never had such a painless shot and she stayed by my side the entire time. About one week after the procedure I noticed a great improvement on the day I was instructed to remove my stocking. Now that I've had this procedure I can stand for a prolonged time without having to take a break. This is important to me because I teach and I have to stand in front of a chalkboard!

Vicki, 53 Teacher

Before I had the vein closure I had swelling in the left leg with some stiffness. I had symptoms for about 15 years. I was wearing compression stockings to help with the swelling. I decided to do the procedure because my doctor suggested it and he said it would help with my leaking veins. During the procedure I felt almost no discomfort during the closure. It took about 1 ½ hours from beginning to end. It was great because I returned to normal activates immediately. I noticed improvement within a few days. After having the procedure I no longer have swelling or stiffness in my left leg.

Clinton, 75 Retired